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Photography is not only science,it is also a artform and hobby.

What is photography?

Making vivid and unique images by using a camera and proper artistic skills is known as photography.
Technical definition:-
Applying optical physics theories,the art and science of capturing reflected light by focused object in the sensor combining pixels is called photography.
Artistic aspects :
Photographys not only science,it is also an artform.This statement is wrong that photographers take iamges.The reality is they made images.

Cultural and social impacts :

We have different cultures and traditions in different regions.Through Photography we can take and compare photos of different communities.
Types :
Anything can be a subject if you have the eye to see the eternal beauty.Depending on the subject photography can be divided into these categories.

• Wildlife

• Fashion

• Food

• Street

• Macro

• Landscape

And Portraitphotography etc.

Some Misconceptions regarding this art :
• It’s a hobby of Rich people

• Better camera makes better images

• photography is so easy that anyone can master it

• Exotic locations are good for photography

• Post processing is not a part of photography
Challenges a rising photographer faces:

When a newbie starts Photography he/she might face these challenges.

• Lack of knowledge of subject and technicalities

• Lack of proper instruments

• step into the vicious cycle of misconceptions
Tips to become a better

• Understand your subject and spend time with it

• Share them with the world

• Take inspiration and suggestions from your role models
Photography is the largest growing hobby in the world.It not only gives us happiness,money and fame also can help in making social awareness and conservation.

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