TA-1021 weird charging issue after water damage, how to fix?

My nokia 6 phone with cracked screen after being in water – does not charge properly, and problems began from March (when phone accidentally fall in water) to 20 April (when i tried to charge from broken usb cables and the battery capacity fall down to 1500 mAh)
After service center repair (they replaced the broken usb-B port, battery and screen) I tried different USB cables and the problem with charge still exist.
As on screenshot i charge phone from AC adapter, and app showing that it’s USB – not AC, charging speed is very slow, but instead of charge it slowly discharges until i connect to computer with only usb cable.
Maybe it’s a Android 9 update bug? I going to do factory reset to try to solve this bizarre charge issue but before doing it i decided to ask here for help, maybe problem in charger controller.


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