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• As we all know, devices like A50/M30s/M20/A10/M10 etc don’t support Samsung’s stock screen recording functionality.

• Don’t worry, it will now work with most Samsung devices running on Pie as well as Oreo.

Here’s how you enable it :

Downloads :
• Download the Samsung Screen Rec apk ONLY :

• Pie users, Download this Notification bar toggle:
• Oreo users, Download this Notification bar toggle:

Steps :
✓ Install the Samsung Screen Recorder APK (link above)
✓ Install the Notification Toggle APK depending upon your android version Pie/Oreo (link above)

• Swipe down notification bar fully.
• Tap the 3 dots at top right corner, near the settings option.
• Select Button order.
Then Drag the Screen Recorder toggle in your panel.

Check Thumbnails for Assistance

Note :
• I was only able to test it on A50/M30s/M10/A10. But it should work fine on most Samsung devices running Pie/Oreo.
• This is the Original Samsung app slightly tweaked.
• You can record in 1080p with Mute/System Sounds/System Sounds + Mic option with touch input display.

Cheers !

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