Samsung S20 5G: way to recover sms after a factory reset

Hello, straight to the point so I don’t waste your time:

Samsung S20 5G original setup, no developer mode, no rooted. Cousin had it broken at the operative system level, many functions got hidden or not working at all, and so on, so I applied a factory reset using settings, previous backup of files he needed.

All went good, BUT he, after the reset, asked for the SMS because he had important information and I backed up only contacts, files, and images, no SMS. My bad on that one.

Questions now:

1) Is it possible to use a computer with Windows 10 and software, like a recovery data one, to get back SMS, as long as those has not been overwritten after the reset, of course?, in case that IS possible, which software, free or paid, can someone recommend me to try out?, I understand there can be a small chance to get all SMS, but some can and is worth trying, just don’t know what software to use, it seems there are a lot of scams out there in the wild of the internet.

2) If there is a chance, I’m thinking i would need to root the device in order to give the software in Windows connected to the Samsung using a USB cable, the rights to make a deep scan on the internal memory, to be able to get any results. I’m right on this one?.

If I’m right, what curse of action should I face?, I just want to root the device in order to give the software full rights, with no intention of install rooms or update the firmware or anything else. So, I would appreciate any recommendation about a simple a straightforward way to root the device.

I would really appreciate any help and information regarding these two questions, hope you all are doing great.


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