[ROM][OneUI] hadesRom Pie Stock v12.0 for S8/S8+/Note8 Exynos [03.03.2020]

Q: Phone is showing YYY model but my phone is ZZZ model, is that normal?
A: Yes, that is very normal and very intented. Do not change it or you will break features.

Q: How to revert back to Oreo?
A1: Download Oreo modem and bootloader from here, flash as normal zip in twrp and flash the Oreo rom of choice.
A2: Download full stock Oreo firmware for your region and flash it with Odin v3.13.*.

Q: Why OEM toggle is missing in this rom?
A: I disabled it to be sure nobody gets locked by mistake.

Q: Magisk app not showing, what to do?
A: Download latest Magisk Manager from here and install as normal app.

Q: My phone shows locked because “Payment services was uninstalled without authorization”, how to get rid of it?
A: Unfortunately you need to reflash rom, no wipe needed. Also don’t try to debloat the rom again or you will have same issue.

Q: Installation failed, what to do now?
A: First of all make sure you have the official twrp. If the probelm persists try to redownload the zip and/or select less things in Aroma installer. If you still have the problem, probably your device is not supported.

Q: How to report bugs?
A: If you want to report a bug make sure you include:
-device variant / modem version / bootloader version / region
-detailed info about the encountered issue
-steps to reproduce the bug

Q: How to take logs?
A: Download Logcat Extreme and take a look at this.

Q: TWRP can’t mount data partition, what to do?
A: Make sure you formatted data partition if your previous rom was stock.

Q: Phone is not booting even after 20 minutes?
A: Try to reboot. If still not booting, make sure you formatted data partition if your previous rom was stock.

Q: How to format data partition?

Q: Phone is asking to reboot because sim changed, what should i do?
A: Reboot once and see if it appears again. If yes reboot again.

Q: Phone asks to wipe data because operator changed, should i wipe?
A: Try to cancel and just reboot. If you can’t do that or the popup still appear, reflash the rom and wipe in Aroma installer.

Q: GPS not finding my location, what to do?
A: Install GPS Test, enable location services from settings, go outside and wait for 20 minutes.

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