[ROM][Android 11][sanders] DerpFest for Moto G5S Plus [11/06/2021]

* Merged November Security Patch (11.0.0_r15)
* Tethering should be fixed
* SELinux status should be fixed
* Merged Qualcomm Bluetooth stack
* Fixed Google PSU
* Updated apex from RD1A.201105.003.C1
* Update CarrierSettings from RD1A.201105.003.C1
* Settings: Integrated Wireless Emergency Broadcasts
* Removed aosp theming from display settings to avoid conflicts with pixel themes
* SystemUI: Applied system_icons_keyguard_padding_end to parent view
* SystemUI: draw qs panel without side margins
* base: Tuned some dimens to make icon spacing on SB equal
* Sharesheet: Set max ranked items to 8
* Update GApps from RD1A.201105.003.C1
* Updated fingerprint to coral november (fixes safetynet)
* Fixed the signal and battery icon padding
* Added Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
* Added Sound QS tile
* Added partial/full screenshot QS tile
* Removed partial/full screenshot QS tile for now
* Fixed custom vibration pattern
* Added ability to restrict app data/wifi/vpn usage per app
* Increased size of power menu icons
* Brought back screenshot actions notification
* Added option to enable Lockscreen Media Art
* Made fonts again even more system wide
* CarrierConfigManager: Enabled payphone call blocking option
* Improved notification/headsup group header layouts
* Added option to enable AOD on charging only
* AODTile: Cycle through AOD states
* AODTile: Open LS display settings on long click
* AODTile: Disable when power save mode is on
* Added Pulse and Ambient notification bars
* Added Pulse light accent color option
* Added Ambient Lights always on hide aod content option
* Added Timeout for ambient notification pulse
* Added Custom color to ambient pulse notification lights
* Added Support for using notification color for pulse light
* Added Option to change duration and repeats count of ambient edge light
* Do not use new lockscreen layout for bypass
* Moved navbar tuner to DerpQuest
* Added navbar layout inversion
* Updated German translations
* Added back partial/full screenshot QS tile
* Fixed pink progress animation color in expanded Wi-Fi tile
* Decreased size of power menu icons (back to default)
* Forgive me if something is missing
* Fixed WiFi :) (wifi moment)
* Fixed fingerprint not linked to some third party apps (magisk manager, paytm, gpay, etc) (fingerprint momet)
* Improved scrolling, app launching/closing, playing video speed
* Updated GPS blobs from LA.UM.8.6.r1-02900-89xx.0 (gps fixed)
* Updated fingerprint, firmware, peripheral, perf, iop, media, qcril database, qdutils, sensors, qperf, uxperf, display, dsi and netmgr blobs/binaries/jars from LA.UM.8.6.r1-02900-89xx.0

// Instructions //
• Read instructions properly- Instructions

// Changelog //
• Initial build

// Instructions //
• Read instructions properly- Instructions

// Working //
Camera (and flashlight)
WiFi (and hotspot)
Battery LED
Telephony (Calls and Data)
Audio (Record and Playback)
Moto Actions
Video Playback

// How to flash? //
Flashing Instructions

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