[Q] “FAILED (remote: flash write failure)” Unable to Flash Factory Image

Hey guys,

I had successfully flashed a factory image of Marshmallow 6.0.1, but ran into a problem in which my 32GB Nexus 5 shows only 16 GB of storage. I followed a guide which recommended to reflash the factory image. When attempting to get into the bootloader I had another problem in which my phone would boot on and off repeatedly when charging. A post on Reddit suggested that the problem was with the power button being jammed and gently hitting the side of the phone would do the trick. It worked. I then tried to reflash the factory image. But now currently when I try to flash either bootloader, radio, recovery, system, or userdata, I get the error message “FAILED (remote: flash write failure)”.


I even tried running “flash-all.bat”, but still got the same error.


I have been unable to find a solution to this error. I tried to flash TWRP (so I can restore my back up), but I still get the error “FAILED (remote: flash write failure)”.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to guide me through solving this “FAILED (remote: flash write failure)” error.

Thank you so much.

(This is my first time posting on the XDA Forum so forgive me if I didn’t follow etiquette to posting a thread. Also i was unable to post any links since this is my first post, I can send you links for the two problems I had in the beginning as they may be related to my current problem.)

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