[APP][1.6+] SD Maid – System cleaning tool

Description: Ive started working on a tool to clean up after apps (inspired by this thread). Nobody is perfect and android neither.Apps you have already deleted sometimes leave data behind.The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don’t really need.The market leaves temporary files of downloaded apps behind.Lets not go on here…SD… Continue reading [APP][1.6+] SD Maid – System cleaning tool

Root Options. sm-n986u

Wanting to root Sm-n986u Verizon. I have read that the Sm-n986u can be firmware flashed to the Sm-n986u1 with a patched odin. If that is possible will the oem bootloader unlock show up in the developers mode?

A way to check battery health that isn’t Accubattery?

My Pixel 5 started with 98% battery health (according to Accubattery) and three days later had dropped to 95% and now it’s on 93% and the phone is less than a month old. I’m dubious about the readings, although I’m not really getting quite the stellar battery life that some others are reporting. Is there… Continue reading A way to check battery health that isn’t Accubattery?

Samsung Screen recorder | XDA Developers Forums

• As we all know, devices like A50/M30s/M20/A10/M10 etc don’t support Samsung’s stock screen recording functionality. • Don’t worry, it will now work with most Samsung devices running on Pie as well as Oreo. Here’s how you enable it : Downloads :• Download the Samsung Screen Rec apk ONLY :https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1JJmYs2AhUllp0nih8XbJGIOqfjGGWw-i • Pie users, Download this… Continue reading Samsung Screen recorder | XDA Developers Forums

[Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

hi, has anyone tried downgrading from miui 12 android 11 to miui 12 android 10 using fastboot or any other method? the reason is that i want to use android 10 based custom rom.

[HOWTO] / [GUIDE] Debrick procedure

This is for anyone that accidentally BRICKS their device. Partition Backups Make sure you download the right one. (BOAF) SM-N910V_FIRST_100MB_BOAF_DEVELOPER.zip (BPA1) SM-N910V_FIRST_100MB_BPA1_DEVELOPER.zip Instructions 1. Download the appropriate zip. 2. Extract it so… [HOWTO] / [GUIDE] Debrick procedure