OS-4.5[UNOFFICIAL][Suzuran] | XDA Developers Forums

-Security patches updated to 2021-05-05
-Upstreamed Havoc-OS sources to version 4.5
-Upstreamed Device trees and kernel from @Berni-0815 (Thanks!)

-Upstreamed Havoc-OS sources to version 4.3
-Security patches updated to 2021-03-05
-Safetynet passing
-Implemented Kcal display driver, Thanks to @savoca
-Implemented Adreno idler, Thanks to @arter97
-Implemented “zen” and “fifo” i/o schedulers, Thanks to @GreyLeshy
-Implemented “Chill” and “BioShock” governors, Thanks to @GreyLeshy
-Implemented Boeffla-wakelock-blocker, Thanks to andip71 @ github.com

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