Need help after failed update

Hi all.

After updating my car radio with a bad file,find here, nothing works.

I can’t find the original firmware and MCU:

Android: 10
HW-Information: 4-Core AllWinner – ROM 32GB – DDR3 2GB 1024×600
Kernel: Linux 4.9.118 – Wed Apr 8 16:52:28 CST 2020
OS Version: KC1C01A5-O36- – BLINK161 – 20200408
MCU Vers: STM32-20200403-11-KC1-37

I also try to download the mcu and the rom on this link :скачать-прошивку-для-магнитолы-wanqi-allwinner-t3/#_MCU

but the download fails every time!

If you have ideas or a compatible firmware I don’t know what to do except change the motherboard.

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