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*Name officially landed on Mars aboard the Perseverance rover on 2nd of March 2021*

Note Fan Edition Rom
[OneUI 1.0][Android 9.0]
For S7/S7E F/FD
From MKUltraBlack

Jack O’Neill Kernel
Based on stock NFE from:

This rom is straight flash with autodetect for kernel and battery text built into updater-script and omc will choose the csc, no aroma. Just flash and let boot, give 5-10 mins for first boot

Credits to @Kill-Switch for a LOT of his time and expert help and porting lessons
Also thanks to @ananjaser1211 for his expert help in the kernel and a lot of help in the rom too.
Thanks to @corsicanu for the recovery method and other help
Great guys

MKUltraBlack NFE V6.0 link:

Base on Korean K firmware:…/SM-N935K/KTC/download/N935KKKU4CUA1/1262323/

MKUltraBlack NFE V6.0:

Feb 2021 security patch
Secure folder
Screen recording
Long press reboot to recovery
Telegram group link in settings
Game Launcher
Dual messenger
USSD codes
Bixby vision
Live draw
Google assistant
MKUltraBlack font
Network speed toggle
Straight flash – No aroma
NFE logo on power menu
Custom NFE boot animation
Auto detect (S7/S7E) install correct kernel and battery text

# Removed Bixby home

Flashable blcp for F international variant

Binary 8:


How to install
custom rom
You will need:
*PC with Odin 3.13.1 or above
*TWRP .tar image for your model
(Stored on external memory/sdcard)
*Unlocked OEM

To unlock OEM

Go to settings, phone information, and tap build number until it says developer options unlocked, press back twice and go into developer options turn on OEM unlock

1. Put your phone into download mode by turning your phone off, now press volume down, power and home key at the same time until the screen turns green, then release the buttons.

2. Open Odin on your PC and plug the USB cable into your phone and press volume up.
You will see it is connected to Odin, (there will be a blue rectangle saying com(number)

3. Select the AP section and load your TWRP .tar image in there.

4. Get ready to press volume up, home and power button at same time on your phone now press start on Odin, it will only take a few seconds, as soon as the box goes green and says pass, press the volume up, home and power button combo until TWRP splash screen shows up on your phone screen. Now release button combo and unplug USB cable from your phone.

5. In twrp press wipe, then format. A keyboard will appear, type yes and press enter. Now press back to go to TWRP main screen and press reboot and select reboot to recovery. It will now reboot back into TWRP.

6. Press wipe again, then format, type yes, press enter. (Do this 3 times)
Press back to go to TWRP main screen and press wipe, select advanced wipe, check all boxes apart from OTG and SDCARD and swipe. (Do this 3 times)
Press back to go to TWRP main screen and press wipe then swipe to factory reset. (Do this 3 times)

Your phone is now completely clear with no operating system and ready to flash a custom rom. When you downloaded your rom, you stored it on your sd card or external storage, you need to do this as when you do all the wipes it wipes your internal storage but not your sd card, that’s why it says in advanced wipe don’t check the sd card or OTG boxes.

7. Press back until you go to main screen in TWRP and select install, select storage, external (sd card) and select the rom zip. Now just swipe to flash.

Normally it will go into aroma which contains check boxes of extra items to add into the rom, this rom however is a straight flash, it will automatically detect your phone model and select the correct kernel and battery capacity. It will say Installation finished when done. Now go back to main twrp screen and select reboot and press system. The phone will reboot, leave it 10-15mins to allow it to load the rom, be patient. Then you will be at the set up page just like starting a new phone. Set up from there and enjoy the rom.

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