Microphone noise problem with Dasaita Android Radio

Hello! I’ve got a 2018 Toyota Auris (yes, i know, in the USA is named Corolla). I changed the radio for a Dasaita PX6 radio with DSP and Android 10.

[**Link to the radio**](https://es.aliexpress.com/item/33011976959.html)

It came with an external Microphone but they don’t allow you to use the OEM microphone wich was… honestly perfect. This is what the radio came with:

[**Image of the radio with all the accesories**]


The microphone connects via 3.5mm Mini Jack. I tested it and I turned the microphone amplification to +10db because if i had it lower, NOBODY CAN HEAR ME. So… +10db, ok.


The audio quality in calls was so horrific that I thought… well maybe is this ****ty microphone, lets try another one. So I bought the Sony ECM-CS3:

[**Sony ECM-CS3 (beautiful)**]


I connected it with the same settings (remember, less than +10db means nobody can hear me), and… I still had the same Issue. The microphone audio is distorted as hell. I tested it by recording a call with my girlfriend. I’m the dude… and i can’t even understand myself. The worst part is in the middle, when I am driving in the highway (min. 8 aprox):

[**Sound proof**] (https://freesound.org/s/573025/)

I though about trying to Isolate the microphone with foam because my actual setup is this:


It has foam underneath for vibrations, but the actual microphone has no foam around. I’ll test it later but for me it looks more like a software issue.

What do you think? Any idea of how to improve the sound quality? I found this post in a Tacoma forum where **a guy found a way to use the OEM microphone from Toyota in an Android Unit**. But I am scared of not being compatible with the Corollas:

[**Link to his adapter**](https://tombit.com/product/3rd-gen-toyota-tacoma-mic-adapter-atc-ato-fuse-type/)

[**Link to the forum post**](https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/3rd-gen-tacoma-oem-mic-adapter.714665/)

adaptador tacoma.jpg

Oh! I made a video (in Spanish, sorry. But **it has English subs!**) showing the whole setup of the radio where you can see everything better:

[**Radio Setup**](


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