[KERNEL][4.14.198][MIUI/AOSP-LOSFOD] ?Quantic Kernel ? [23/09/20][A10/A11]

Welcome to Quantic a Kernel built specially for Redmi k20 PRO codename: Raphael(in)/Raphaels

/* I’m not responsable for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I’m not responsable if you loose your alarm and got fired and also the thermonuclear war, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to make me responsable of any unwanted behavior of your device */

/*Compatible ONLY with Android 10*/

Hi everyone, I want to introduce you my new kernel named Quantic-Kernel, this is my personal build kernel with my prefered features. Hope everyone enjoy it and I’ll be maintaining it so people can used it with their preferred MIUI ROM(See details below)


  • GPU Overclocked up to 810MHz
  • Wireguard VPN core support
  • Added Sound Control
  • Added new KCAL
  • Upstreamed to Linux-4.14.172
  • Fsync toggle (Use only when your F2FS is your current filesystem)
  • Dynamic Fsync
  • Simple Low Memory Killer by Sultan Alsawaf (@kerneltoast)
  • sched backports from mainline 4.19
  • Lates CAF tag of sm8150


  • Flash magisk (If not flashed previously)
  • Disable Anti flicker on MIUI
  • Make a TWRP backup of BOOT and DTBO partitions
  • Flash Quantic-Kernel_rX.zip
  • Flash Magisk-v20.4
  • Reboot to system
  • Enjoy it


  • Working on all MIUI ROM with broken DC-Dimming (Anti Flicker screen)



Thanks List

  • To all my telegram testers (I don’t have the device only cepheus)
  • To Yaroslav Furman (YaroST12)
  • To wloot
  • To UtsavBalar
  • To Demon000
  • To kdrag0n
  • To arter97
  • To Kerneltoast


XDA:DevDB Information
Quantic Kernel, Kernel for the Redmi K20 Pro

Source Code: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/tree/QK-Raphael

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Beta
Stable Release Date: 2020-08-10
Current Beta Version: r28
Beta Release Date: 2020-07-19

Created 2020-08-10
Last Updated 2020-09-23

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