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Kernel features:

  • Build with Google Clang version 12.0.6 + LLD linker
  • Full -O2 build with device and target flags enhanced, build improvements and compiler fixes, etc
  • Less is more: stockish builds based on Google latest sourcedrop for max stability (android-msm-sunfish-4.14-android11-qpr3)
  • Systemless installer (doesn’t touch system partition, OTA friendly), AnyKernel3 backend (compatible with autoflash apps)
  • Removed some debug and logging options
  • Misc ARM performance and battery patches
  • CVE security patches, general upstream and CAF fixes for important subsystems
  • No OC, use 300HZ base timer frequency
  • Enhanced TCP methods (westwood is default), Network tweaks and updated drivers
  • Some I/O control tweaks, added schedulers ZEN v2 is default, advanced filesystems enabled (F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS, CIFS & NFS)
  • ZRAM Swap (LZO-RLE default, ZSTD available)
  • Vibrator Strength tunable and Gesture Haptic Feedback control (touchpanel and FPR)
  • KGSL fixes and general improvements for GPU driver
  • adrenoboost ready (disabled by default)
  • KCAL – Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
  • KLAPSE support (v5.0)
  • Backlight min brightness and HBM option
  • Gamepad support enabled (xbox, ps4, switch)
  • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • FS fsync toggle on/off
  • Wakelock blockers available
  • TWRP Support(LZMA/LZ4 Ramdisk)
  • wireguard support
  • Compatible with EXKM, FKM , Kernel Adiutor and others

Setup and troubleshoot: To install just flash the zip on a stock setup with either TWRP or autoflash kernel app.
If you come from other kernel or have any issues, you should restore your stock boot.img or dirty flash your ROM before flashing blu_spark zip to avoid problems. Also uninstall or clean data of any kernel control app you’re using.
If you are upgrading between blu_spark versions, just flash the kernel zip.

About bugs and reports: don’t bother to post if a log isn’t ready or without steps so the behavior can be replicated. I only active support stock ROM with NO mods whatsoever (apart from root). That includes NO support if using xposed, Magisk with added modules, etc.
If you’re using custom ROMs (including stock based ones) you’re much on your own. I’m mostly interested on debugging stuff in stock and stable ROM.
Also try not to spam the thread with OT. There’s threads for all kind of stuff, use them.

Going back to stock: This kernel installer doesn’t change your filesystem. You can backup your boot.img with TWRP or kernel app before flashing blu_spark if you want to go back to full stock or just dirty flash your full ROM.

Source Code: https://github.com/engstk/pxl4a
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