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* Your warranty is now void lmao.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Lolz Kernel makes your device even snappier than before. Being a battery happy and performance balanced kernel it never compromises on stability. You know why? Cause your device deserves it! Lolz Kernel main priority is efficiency and battery. More Fuel plus More Smoothness equals More Fun.

Supported Galaxy Note 3 Variants(codename):
* hlte/hltexx/hltespr
* hltechn
* hltekor/ktt/skt

Supported Android Version:
* Android 9 (PIE)
* Android 10

Supported ROMs:
* All AOSP based ROMs
* All CAF Based ROMs
* All LineageOS Based ROMs

Major Features: (Current Lolz Stable Release)
* Splashloop Proof Since V9.0 🤣
* Compiled with Proton CLANG 13.0.0
– BACKPORT: RCU From Linux 3.8
* BACKPORT: F2FS from Linux 4.12
* Custom CPU governors: Lolznappy, Elemental-X, Nightmare, Alucard, Intelliactive and zzmoove.
* Lolznappy CPU Governor as default.
(LOLZ Kernel own CPU Governor, Based on AOSP Interactive with lot Patches from Upstream and the Open Source Community, tweaked and Optimized for Balanced Usage)
* CPU Input Boost by sultanxda
* CPU Voltage Control
* Fully Disabled MPdecision
* CPU Hotplug Drivers: Mako Hotplug, Bricked/MSM Mpdecision and Blu_plug(Experimental)
* CPU Underclock and Overclock: 268MHz to 2496MHz (2265MHz is the default max frequency for Balanced Usage)
* GPU Underclock and Overclock: 100MHz to 600MHz (27MHz @ Idle)(450MHz max default for Balanced Usage)
* GPU: Adreno Idler
* Double tap 2 wake
* Boeffla Sound Control
* TCP Congestion: Westwood as default
* Screen: K-lapse v5.0 & KCAL
* Custom Schedulers: Fiops, Maple, Fifo, VR, SIOPlus, Tripndroid, ZEN
* FIOPS as default IO Scheduler
* USB/AC Fastcharge V1.3
* Underhood Optimizations, Code fixes and Tweaks

How to install?
– Read Carefully!(you need to do this every time you flash this custom kernel)
1. Be sure you are not using any Custom Kernel.. If you are, then you need to dirty flash your ROM or just flash the stock boot.img of the ROM you are using.(You can get the boot.img of your ROM by Extracting the ROM.zip)
2. Goto TWRP then flash Magisk(Magisk zip first when you are on Android 9, If you are on Android 10 You need to flash Magisk after flashing Lolz kernel zip)(if you do not need root then skip this)
3. flash the Lolz kernel zip.
4. Reboot(just wait for it to boot)
5. Enjoy .

1. Reboot to TWRP Recovery ( I will assume that you have this Custom Recovery )
2. Flash Magisk Zip (Not needed if you have installed this on previous kernel already)
3. Flash the Lolz kernel zip
4. Reboot
5. Enjoy being dirty

Donations are very much appreciated..
Thanks for supporting Lolz kernel :)
My Donation link

* DO NOT USE ANY MODULE TWEAKS like NFS, Fde.AI etc… Only Module i can suggest is Lspeed Magisk Module.. but still don’t Complain about bugs or anything if you use any automatic tweak modules.
* Recommended Tweaking App: SmartPack Kernel Manager (The Official Successor of Kernel Auditor)(Only Use Tweaking app if you really know what you are doing)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (Current LolZ Stable Release)

You want to be testers, ask questions or just want to talk to hlte users?… Join the fun now: (hlte TG group): https://t.me/galaxynote3

Kernel Source: Click here boi

Thanks to:
@haggertk (for LineageOS support)
@Chinaboy5216 (tester)
@osm0sis (for anykernel)
and to all devs, contributors and testers out there…

XDA:DevDB Information
Lolz-Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Kernel Special Features: Smooth + Battery friendly

Version Information

Created 2019-07-18
Last Updated 2020-08-26

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