[APP] Spottr – An easy way to share your status automatically based on your location


I developed a new app in order to share information with your friends in an easy and convenient way.

In Spottr every user has only one status. By creating spots, this status will change automatically and your friends are up to date!

What are spots?
Spots have to be created by yourself, and contain information about location, radius, status and optionally a time restriction.
The status is composed of a title and a description and could look like this:

Probably eating, sleeping or bughunting


What are the main advantages?
You have alle your friends and their status in one compact and clear overview.
No more scrolling through endless timelines where most of the posts are advertisements or unrelated to your friends.
Only see relevant information about your friends that matters.


Data privacy
This is an important topic for me.
Even though Spottr is a locationbased app, your date about your current location will never be sent to the server or your friends.
The only thing saved on our server is your current status. Even your spots are only stored offline on your smartphone.
Spottr will compare your current location with your spots. When you are in one of your spots, the only thing that will be sent to our server
is your new status, which you defined in your spot. How you define your status for each spot is your own decision.

Public / Private spots and Followers and Friends
Spots are divided into two categories: private and public. By default, all new spots are saved as private spots.
Your followers are also divided into two categories: followers and friends.
While followers are only able to see your public spots, friends can see both, private and public spots.


There is even an incognito mode implemented. When this mode is activated, your status will be changed to your default status.
Your location will not be checked anymore until you deactivate the incognito mode.

Currently the app only works with facebook login. This is convenient, as all your facebook friends using Spottr will be automatically added as followers and in your feed. But we know that a lot of people do not like facebook and we are working on our own login system and adding friends per email.

Download on Google Play Store

A direct link to the apk is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0on8t62qlxjxmrj/Spottr-1.5.apk?dl=0
But remember that you won’t get updates through the play store.

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