Amazfit Pace / Stratos connect to Xiaomi Scooter M365

Hello everyone,

For those who are interested, an Android application that I have begun to develop to connect to our Xiaomi Scooter M365.
I also have the Amazfit Pace and I have adapted it for that device, to look at the clock while we go on the scooter.
But it also works on any mobile, also thinking about people who did not like the Mi Home.
The main screen has two buttons: SCAN and INICIAR, scan is used to find the scooter the first time or you want to change the scooter, once linked you just have to press INICIAR.
When we scan, all the Bluetooth devices that it finds come out, look for one that is called MiScooter. Once connected, a screen with several values ​​will appear:
Percent of the battery, approximate distance left with the battery it has, the instantaneous speed, the average speed of the trip, the distance traveled from the route and the total distance.
I hope your feedbacks and if someone wants to contribute their bit, either in design or what you want, tell me.

Here you have to download the apk:

If someone needs information to install it in Amazfit Pace / Stratos that also gets in touch with me.

I hope you like it and it is useful for you.
Thank you very much.


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